Building Bridges offers professional, interactive and practical workshops for Indigenous grant seekers and organisations. The full-day sessions focus on increasing the knowledge and understanding of philanthropy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and on facilitating greater access to philanthropic sources. They provide participants with up-to-date information and resources, and guide them in developing strategies and approaches to funding opportunities.

Each workshop runs for a full day and caters to up to 25 participants. The programs are tailored for each group and are sensitive to community concerns and the ethical considerations of funding and sponsorship. With a format that moves between presentations, hypotheticals and free-flowing discussion, the facilitators are responsive to the needs of the grant seekers throughout the sessions. 

Two day (12 hours) – $18,000 + GST 
One day (6 hours) – $10,000 + GST

Many Indigenous groups and organisations are not aware of the potential of philanthropy to support their projects. Building Bridges provides grant seekers with the knowledge and tactics to pursue philanthropic funding and create change in their communities. These workshops generate valuable insights and directly enhance opportunities for their participants.


Building Bridges provides authentic and informed Indigenous educational services to schools, community organisations, government agencies and the corporate sector. It offers modern, contemporary and interactive programs designed and tailored for specific audiences. Through music, stories and activities, participants develop a broader knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal Australia.

Building Bridges has developed school programs for one-off and ongoing sessions, ideal for individual classes or whole year groups. The programs are suitable for primary and secondary students, P – 12, public and private. 

Full day (6 hours) – $950 + GST
Half day (3 hours) – $480 + GST

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Building Bridges offers a range of modern, relevant services for big business, government and community organisations. We provide cultural awareness programs, organisational liaison and Indigenous access options tailored to individual clients’ needs.

The corporate sector has an important role to play in making a greater commitment to community engagement and implementing reconciliation plans. Building Bridges directly assists organisations in meeting their obligations, managing stakeholder relationships and developing best practice models. 

Building Bridges has extensive experience in the corporate, philanthropic and government sectors, and an in-depth understanding of their specific needs. Founder Russell Smith has widespread contact with key politicians and bureaucrats in Indigenous affairs and liaison. He has been contracted by successive governments and prime ministers, and his vital industry relationships ensure the success of our programs and services.

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Reconciliation action plan 

“commitment, respect, connection”

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP)

 Guest speaker and facilitator 

‘A system that fails to hear us and see us, fundamentally fails us.’
–  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar AO.

 The way that non-Indigenous people hear and see Indigenous people is critical to developing a culture of respect and reconciliation. RAPs are about evolving visions for equality, giving them practical application and pursuing the benefits of that through active leadership.

Building Bridges is about bringing an energy to that conversation that will give it positive momentum.

 If you are developing a new RAP, or it is established but seems to be stagnating, an effective way to refresh interest is to bring in a guest speaker. Russell Smith has engaged school and workplace audiences alike with his lived experience of:

  • growing up on the Umeewarra Mission near Port Augusta

  • discovering and achieving the goals of Indigenous communities

  • performing music that tells stirring stories to international audiences and

  • helping young Indigenous students living away from their families stay in school


If you are ready to implement your RAP and want to launch it with that special Building Bridges vibe, why not think about getting the band in!